About Waccamaw Outfitters

At approximately 140 miles long the Waccamaw River is one of the best kept secrets among locals. Like Jimmy Buffet says “it hold treasures that few have ever seen”. From the murky black water to the cypress laden banks the Waccamaw River is a true hidden treasure. The Waccamaw originates in Lake Waccamaw North Carolina and flows south through many small towns. Once such town is my town, Conway, South Carolina. Conway is located along the banks of the Waccamaw and we consider ourselves a River town because so much of our lives revolve around the river. From boating, fishing, skiing or camping the Waccamaw is a way of life for many of us. I grew up traveling this river and have many fond memories of hot summer days to cold frosty mornings. I have fished and hunted this river since I was a kid and now I have made it into a career. 

The Waccamaw brought me such joy growing up that when my family and I decided to start a business in 2014 we decided to build our business around our favorite place, the Waccamaw River. Through our business we offer excursions along the river be it on a pontoon or kayaks we can show our visitors a side of Conway not many get to see. Over the years of showing many people our river I have heard it called many things from beautiful, amazing, perfect and even paradise. “Paradise” really? Its amazing the perspective you get from others who get to experience something that has been in your life forever, it truly gives you a new found appreciation. 

Like on most bodies of water fishing is king and probably the most popular activity.  The Waccamaw is no different and you can find a fisherman on the river at just about any time of year. As I explain to our visitors there are many species of fish that swim the river and many different baits to use. Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Bream (or Bluegill depending on which side of the Mason-Dixon you live) are just a few local fish that lurk in the black water. Bait is another story, take your pick because it varies from fisherman to fisherman. Texas Riggs, crank baits, crickets, worms, chicken livers and hot dogs the choice of bait is endless.   

My name is Matthew Varnadore and I have lived in Conway practically my entire life. My family and I own Waccamaw Outfitters in Conway and we spend a lot of time on the river. I am a local Captain who enjoys all things water related and have had the opportunity to travel a lot of our local waters. I look forward to meeting all our visitors and what opportunities and adventures we have while, On the River

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